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More than a company store.

Reduced labor and marketing costs. Integrated and automated purchasing. Increased visibility and robust insights. And if you want mugs — we do those too. Request a Demo

What could a Proforma Durkee
Partnership mean for you?

When you work with Proforma Durkee, you get more than branded marketing items. You get reduced labor and marketing costs, integrated and automated purchasing, increased visibility, and robust insights. You get partners who slash your costs, maximize your spend, and launch your brand to the next level. And, if you want mugs—we do those too.

Benefits of Partnering
with Proforma Durkee

Reduced Costs

Combining 25+ years of industry partnerships and the purchasing power of a $500M+ organization, we have the leverage to slash your marketing, labor and purchasing costs in half.

Easy-to-Use Company Store

Eliminate mistakes. Simplify purchasing. Maximize profits. You’re simply shopping online

Automated Purchasing

Finally, a centralized purchasing system that works. All the products and services you need, with none of the headaches.

Consistent Branding

You’ve spent years developing your brand. We’ll spend years protecting it.

Fully Integrated Technology

Our proprietary platform integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Incredible Selection

The largest selection of items and apparel, from the most trusted suppliers worldwide.

Robust Insights and Analytics

Every purchase. Every product. Every location. Discover the data you’ve been missing, and what it could mean for your business.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our client relationships matter to us. We are proactive, and we make sure every one of your needs are met.

The Proforma Advantage

Proforma Durkee is backed by our parent company, Proforma. When you work with us, you get to leverage Proforma's $500 million dollars' worth of purchasing power, its decades of industry experience, and its hundreds of carefully vetted partners around the world.

In other words, you have the marketing support of the best partners in the industry and the best pricing in the industry. That's the power of Proforma. Learn More.