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An Online Company Store Saves Time & Money While Boosting Your Brand

Let us paint you a picture: Your company has multiple locations and hundreds (maybe thousands) of employees spread out across the country or the world. Managing all the things your company needs—employee apparel, office supplies, promotional products, etcetera, etcetera—is a logistical nightmare because each location is doing its own thing, working with its own vendors, purchasing things randomly (and often last minute). Spending is off the hook, branding is inconsistent, and important things are falling through the cracks.

Sound familiar?

If you answered yes, then your company could benefit from an online company store backed by the power of Proforma's state-of-the-art technology: PROstores. 

The Set-up of Your Online Store is FREE and Fully Customizable

We don't simply add your logo to the corner of your online store and call it a day. Before we build your store, we do a thorough assessment of your company's unique needs. We review…

  • Opportunities to reduce transactional costs
  • Areas that could benefit from improved production methods
  • Ideas for reducing related costs
  • Strategies for decreasing fulfillment and distribution costs

Then, we build an online store that works for your company—one that is easy for everyone to use, streamlines processes, and maintains brand integrity. 

Your Online Company Store Will Reduce Your Labor Costs BIG Time

Proforma Durkee conducts process reviews to streamline the entire purchasing process, from simplifying order placement through tracking and invoicing. On average, we have helped our clients achieve 18 – 23% workflow process reduction by centralizing their programs.

How can we be so efficient? That's the power of Proforma…

  • Over $500,000,000 in purchasing power
  • Over 500 contracted partners
  • Best-in-class workflow technology platform
  • Currently managing 40,000+ online company stores

Your Online Store Powered by Proforma Durkee Offers Many Benefits:

  • Streamlined purchasing across product lines/business units
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • 24/7 access
  • Login-based permissions
  • Real-time inventory and reporting
  • Secure artwork library = guaranteed brand compliance
  • Efficient inventory and ordering process
  • Accurate ordering; paper trail for ordering, shipping, and payments
  • Consolidated orders for bulk purchasing and managing multiple outlets
  • Self-service for end users
  • Brand consistency and quality control
  • Reporting on schedule and on demand
  • Budget-setting and tracking
  • Free setup and fully customizable

Are you ready to discuss creating an online store for your company? Contact us and let's chat.

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