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Demonstrating How Our Marketing Products & Services WOW Clients

Read about our marketing solutions in action, including how they've made clients so happy. Click on the case studies below to learn more.

  • Developing a HOT Campaign that Included Direct Mail, Branded Apparel, and More. What better way to promote a "Hot Shot" slot machine than through hot sauce? Trust us—it worked. Read more…
  • Creating Pre-Show Buzz That Resulted in a 46% Increase in Leads. Too often, companies think only about the tradeshow itself, not the buzz you should be building beforehand. We made sure this client didn't make that mistake. The results say it all. Read more.
  • Providing Video Marketing that WOWED the Crowds at an International Tradeshow. Cybex Exercise Equipment wanted to make a visual impact. Learn how we delivered—and on a tight timetable to boot. Read more.
  • Getting Customers and Employees Excited for a 25th Big anniversary milestones are a great way to engage customers and employees alike—provided it's done right. Learn how we rocked Teknion's 25th with employee recognition awards, an excellent commemorative video, and fun stuff for customers. Read more.
  • Building Awareness for a New Messaging Campaign. Sometimes clients come to us with a new message already in hand. Our task? Promote the message. Learn what we did for the "Jersey Doesn't Stink" campaign. Hint: we had A LOT of fun. Read more.
  • Incorporating Green Options into the Marketing Mix. Going green is always a great message, but for certain clients, like Pat Lobb Toyota of McKinney, it was a must. Check out our eco-friendly solutions. Read more.
  • Saying Thank You with Style. A national car repair and maintenance company wanted to mark its 25th anniversary by saying thank you to each district sales manager's top 10 fleet customers. We came up with a gift that was totally on message—and a lot of fun. Read more.  

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