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Effective Video Services & Gorgeous Commercial Photography

Now more than ever, we live in a visual world. Thanks to social media, people engage with, respond to, and share pictures and video at a dizzying pace. 

And it's not just a "social" thing either. The right images and video can convert people into buyers. Studies show that including video in emails and on landing pages can result in huge click-throughs and conversion rates. In other words, all businesses should consider video if they want to remain relevant and competitive.

The same goes for quality commercial photography. It's important to have great visuals that reflect and reinforce your brand—from gorgeous product photos to professional headshots to fun candids that capture your corporate culture in a way that stock images simply can't.

Our video services and commercial photography can do all of that. And since we tie it together with your other marketing solutions, you never have to worry about the big picture ever appearing blurry.

Experience the power of Proforma Durkee. Let's chat about your video and photography needs. 

See a sample of a video production work in this 60-second spot for KitchenAid Grills. 

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