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A Marketing Firm with Equal Parts Heart, Guts, and Talent

OK, we might be a little biased. But even still, we DO believe we have the best team that any marketing firm could possibly ask for.

Meet our founders below, but know that we have excellent marketing support that extends well beyond this great foundation. 


Melinda Durkee, PartnerMelinda

Melinda knows how to communicate with clients. Her two decades-plus experience in the marketing industry has a lot to do with this, of course. But the truth is, Melinda is simply excellent at asking all the right questions.

She probes until she gets answers that can drive the right solution to whatever marketing challenge her client is facing. (Because what's the point of coming up with a solution unless it's the right solution?)

When you choose Proforma Durkee, you get a whole lot of Melinda holding your hand,
asking you questions, and coming up with incredible ideas that will make you go "Wow! Why didn't we think of that?"

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day management of your program, Melinda's responsibilities include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Generating awesome ideas and effective marketing solutions
  • Conducting on-site review meetings and business reviews
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities (Melinda LOVES saving her clients money)
  • Ensuring all interactions with Proforma Durkee exceed your expectations
  • Monitoring delivery schedules and coordinating subcontractors

Prior to founding Proforma Durkee with Mike Durkee (her partner in business and in life), Melinda was an account executive at CBS Radio and the vice president of marketing for LL Advertising Agency. At LL Advertising, Melinda was responsible for advertising campaigns, media buys, copywriting, arranging voice talent for on-air commercials, and event planning as well as public relations. Melinda is a graduate from The University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Marketing/Communications and Business.

Growing up, Melinda secretly wanted to be famous.


Mike Durkee, PartnerMike-Durkee.jpg

Mike Durkee, a Cleveland, Ohio native, grew up with two passions: sports and entrepreneurship. Knowing at a young age that he wanted to own his own business, Mike attended the UNC Charlotte to study business management and marketing, two areas that would serve him well in the decades to come.

At 28, Mike created Durkee Embroidery Hoops, an embroidery hoop manufacturer for industrial embroidery machines. It was the first after-market embroidery hoops manufacturer in the industry and became a multi-million dollar company with 70 distributors around the globe.

Owning and operating his own business provided Mike with valuable insight that he often calls on when working with clients today. He understands and appreciates what fellow business owners face:

  • The marketing challenges
  • The sales pitfalls
  • The everyday business tasks that can cause a company to sputter and stall (when done poorly) or thrive (when done right)

Mike also knows how to successfully navigate all of the above, and he has a keen sense of marketing and sales techniques that deliver results. After all, he was able to test and try out everything on his own business.

In 2000, Mike married his wife, Melinda, and the two decided to start a new venture together in the Marketing, Print, and Promotional Products industry. Mike’s strong background in sales and marketing has allowed him to focus on growing the business through effective sales processes and strategic business development.

Mike and Melinda reside in Davidson, North Carolina, with their daughter and son.



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