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Challenge: Thinking WAY Outside the Box

Often, a client or even another partnering agency will come to us with a message already in hand. Our challenge is to build buzz and promote the message.

That's exactly what happened when Rosetta, an interactive agency, asked us to collaborate on the “Jersey Doesn’t Stink” campaign. The campaign's main goal was to break the stereotypes that plague the state.

Solution: Developing a Creative Marketing Campaign Worthy of Its Message

We really loved working on this project. How could we not? The "Jersey Doesn't Stink" message was on point, but also FUN, so we knew we'd have plenty of leeway when it came to building buzz.

And what better way to build buzz for Jersey than by going directly to her next door neighbor, NYC? We'd reach plenty of the target audience (and then some) with the potential of having the campaign go wider.

New York City is all about theatrics. It's the home of Broadway, after all. So we decided to create our own theatrics around this new slogan.

To promote the campaign, we worked to create just the right costume for actors to wear around Times Square, as well as identify creative marketing giveaways for local events: custom green pine tree air fresheners. (We were able to perfectly match the costume and air fresheners, by the way.)

While the actors were dressed as green pine trees, they were handing out identical air fresheners, tying the campaign together and ensuring the message was heard...and smelled.

Results: Coming Up Roses

With messages on billboards, websites, Facebook and Twitter, people all over New Jersey and New York are now aware of the “Jersey Doesn’t Stink” campaign. Promoting the campaign couldn’t have been accomplished without our team's awesome creativity, as the products helped to create plenty of positive buzz about the promotion.

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