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Benefits of Collaborating Campaigns Through a Company Store

By Proforma Durkee on February 16, 2018

Having an online company store is great for businesses with a large number of employees in multiple locations. Firstly, it gives you an organized system for your branded products like employee apparel, and secondly, it’s a good way of tracking who is ordering what and how often. And if your company is thinking of collaborating marketing campaigns with another like-minded company, a company store will be a huge help. 

 This could be due to the fact that you might not always be be able to meet in person, and there could be some logistical issues with billing and shipping. Collaborating with other companies will allow you to achieve much more than you might be able to on your own.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing an online company store to collaborate campaigns:



An efficient online store should provide you with all the necessary information on the purchases made, as well as information about the buyers. Supervisors should be able to get reports on inventory performance, order statistics, and fill rates. Online store reporting will also help you figure out which branded products are in demand, which ones you no longer need, and it can help you figure out what to do when it comes to reorder timing, communications, and budgeting. Essentially, the information in these reports can be used to help you spend your promotional marketing budget in the future.



The heart of your company’s success lies in its marketing. A well-structured company store will eliminate the hassles of distributing your company’s branded merchandise for marketing purposes. When you set up your online company store, adding a marketing element will make people more aware of the program. By using email communication, you can promote any new products in the store, special promotions, and seasonal updates.



An online company store will simplify the process of ordering. Members of your team will be able to place orders with a click of a few buttons, wherever they are in the world. To engage with a larger audience, make sure it’s a mobile-friendly site with UX best practices. You can also set up your online company store with approved merchandise as well as authorize orders.


Administrative Costs

As your company grows – especially when collaborating campaigns – it becomes harder to control the inventory. More and more people will need access to your branded products, and it will become difficult to distribute these products across multiple locations. An online company store will minimize administration by helping you keep a comprehensive order and usage history.


There are many benefits to having an online company store. If you want to know how Proforma Durkee can help your company become more efficient, contact one of our consultants Alternatively, take a look at our infographic Horror stories no marketer ever wants to experience, to see a few a examples of brand mishaps Proforma Durkee helps you to avoid.


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