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3 Ways Digital Transformation Can Help Your Business

By Proforma Durkee on March 16, 2018

Managing your brand and its merchandise can be an overwhelming. With so much to keep track of when simultaneously ensuring brand continuity and maintaining an active distribution network, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks.

Embracing all that the digital toolkit can offer goes a long way to optimizing this process, and ensures that your business retains its cutting edge in the Information Age. According to Gartner, 75% of business will have undertaken digital transformation by 2020, and there should be 500% more staff members with digital expertise than in 2016. In this scenario, driving extensive digital expansion no longer remains an option, but becomes a necessity.


Here are three key ways a digital transformation can help your business:


Make Informed Decisions With a Wide Pool of Data

The internet is an essentially limitless ocean of information (barring any attacks on net neutrality). The ability to think critically about any information you encounter is necessary and irreplaceable human, but this secondary process cannot happen without access to data in the first place. Essentially, it would be like being an Olympic swimmer with nowhere significant to swim.

Why limit yourself to the smaller pools of resources of pre-digital times? Embracing a digital transformation in your data mining process will ensure that your ability to make informed decisions as quickly as possible is optimized. This way, you’ll be making sound business judgements from the largest pool of resources available: information which is accessible almost immediately, which references global trends, and is up-to-date. This also includes data specifically related to your business. Embracing analytics is a key to constant, iterative optimizing of your business processes. By understanding more about user habits in your network, you become increasingly able to deliver products and services, and execute processes in a way that minimizes wastage.


Streamline Interdepartmental Communication

You’ll save a lot of time by setting up a reliable interdepartmental communication process. With a can-do mindset that embraces the integration of the digital realm into your daily routines, you’ll discover a range of digital tools that may assist in never losing track of a message again. Messages between colleagues can be delivered almost instantaneously through collaborative platforms such as Slack. More comprehensive programs, such as Accelo, allow you to manage large collaborative projects transparently, as each team member is updated on collective progress and remains accountable for their contribution in a trackable process.

With just these two simple adjustments — using the internet data (incl. analytics) to inform your decision-making, and integrating cloud-based messaging and collaboration software into service delivery processes — your productivity, and ability to reliably deliver a quality assured product or service to your clients becomes near-foolproof.


Easily Keep Track of Products and Processes

Any business, whether product or service-oriented, can benefit in a switch to digital merchandizing. Selling your products and services online makes it easy to control your branded merchandise and increases revenue through practically effortless sales in a process that involves the buyer coming to you. With an online company store, brand standardization is also more easily ensured, and the potential to lower overheads is increased if you decide to phase out brick-and-mortar interfaces.

Digital merchandizing may also serve as a prototype when considering expanding digital integration into your business as a whole. Designing and managing a well-run online company store can demonstrate all the benefits of digital transformation to you and your investors, while giving you time to determine exactly which digital suite is right for you.

With these three simple adjustments, your business can grow exponentially in a way that makes maintaining operations, and brand standardization near-effortless. Why not optimize? It’s time to free up your time by putting in place the quality assurance systems digital transformations make possible. Begin with your prototype, and find out more about the benefits of running an online company store, here:

Online Company Store

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Online Company Store

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