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A non-centralized ordering system could be costing your company thousands

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A Non-Centralized Ordering System Could Be Costing Your Company Thousands

By Proforma Durkee on May 31, 2017

It doesn’t take much for your company to leak money. It happens all the time – an employee leaves the lights and air conditioning on over the long weekend, you end up paying more for rent because you expanded quickly and decided to take the first place you found, and you have a non-centralized ordering system for your corporate products across the globe. Okay, we get it, if you’re a huge organization across multiple locations, the first two examples may not be making the biggest dent, but leaking thousands of dollars on corporate products (anything from stationery to employee clothing and promotional items) could be. Here are a few of the main ways that a non-centralized ordering system could be costing your company big time:

There are more expenses if orders are manual

While enterprise companies might think they are saving money by negotiating bulk purchases, the reality is that each time someone has to set valuable time aside across all locations to manage the ordering process, expense tracking, and PO numbers, you are using some serious resources on something that shouldn’t be costing much more than the purchase price.

There is more room for error with manual purchases

We’re only human. The reality is that with someone (anyone)  inputting orders manually, there is room for human error. If the people ordering are under pressure, distracted, or the order is miscommunicated, you can end up with an entire order of corporate products that are totally wrong. What’s more, there’s not too much you can do if you order the incorrect branded products. This could land up costing you at least twice what you should have spent, if not more.

There are inconsistencies in products

Let’s look at the facts: if you have different locations across the globe doing manual purchases through their preferred suppliers, there are bound to be inconsistencies in the products received. The logo’s teal might start looking a little aqua from one branch to the next, and the placement, size, and colors in general of the products might be off-brand. There might also be inconsistencies in the types of products ordered – where some branches might order t-shirts for a particular reason, others may order collared shirts for the same purpose. This lack of consistency is a serious no-no in the industry, and it could hurt your reputation as a brand.

Quality varies from branch to branch

As with the point above, when corporate products are manually ordered from different vendors, there are not only inconsistencies in colors and types of products, but the quality of those products too. It’s vital for your brand to keep consistent and to purchase the best quality products that the budget allows across all of the branches of your brand.

Orders become difficult to monitor

When all of your offices across the globe are purchasing varying products from different vendors, it becomes very difficult to track what is being spent, how often, and where. This means that you have little control and knowledge of how the budget is being used and if there are particular branches that are overspending.

In a world where time is money, your staff can’t afford to squander precious hours manually ordering corporate products. And while those bulk orders may save you some money, you still won’t be able to beat the bulk order prices when all of your locations worldwide purchase through the same online store. Let us help you to open your own fully customizable online company store today, so that you can have consistent, high-quality corporate products while minimizing time and money wasted.

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