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Benefits of Co-Marketing Campaigns Through an Online Company Store

By Proforma Durkee on January 5, 2018

With the start of a brand new year, marketing companies are thinking about co-marketing as a way to kick-start their campaigns. Co-marketing is a collaboration between two companies to create a co-branded campaign. Once the campaign is complete, both organizations reap the benefits.

Throughout the campaign, co-marketers can deliver more leads, increase hype and build awareness for both products with less work on the parts of both marketing teams. For more information about co-marketing, check out this HubSpot list of successful co-marketing campaigns. A co-marketing campaign has many benefits, including renewing interest in your company, connecting to a new audience, improving your credibility or increasing your budget.

These types of campaigns are still quite rare, which means they can gather a lot of attention if they’re successful. Co-marketing undoubtedly has its benefits, but it also has its downsides. One of the potential difficulties is collaboration between two marketing teams that may not be able to meet in person. This includes problems around logistical issues like billing and shipping. To make your co-marketing collaboration more efficient, create a company store as part of your campaign.


Company stores allow you to:

Ensure Consistent Branding of Promotional Products

If you want to ensure that both companies are on the same page regarding branding, an online store creates a single location for both organizations to manage promotional products. The online company store can also be used as a secure artwork library, helping ensure cohesion for products associated with the campaign.


Streamline Processes

Company stores streamline processes that might be otherwise difficult to standardize across multiple locations and multiple companies. This also saves on costs, allowing you to spend your budget on other parts of your co-marketing campaign.


Take Advantage of Scheduled And On-Demand Reporting

Supervisors across multiple companies, locations and locales can keep better track of their orders using a standardized tracking system offered through a company store.


Create Multiple Billing Options

Through company stores, each company (or different locations within companies) can personalize their billing options. One company might send invoices to corporate accounting, while the other requires each of their locations to fill out purchase orders.


Establish Delivery Dates

A company store offers transparency for shipping procedures across many locations. This helps resolve issues around standardized procedures, ensuring supervisors are informed about order schedules or delivery dates.


Set and Track Budget

If you need to ensure both companies stay within budget you can set limits to ensure spending by employees is controlled. Approval requirements can also be set, further reducing the chance of overspending.


Create Accurate Orders and Monitor Record Keeping

The online store can be used to track orders accurately and keep records of what was ordered through the store. This includes quantities of an item, delivery location, reorders and other details. This helps you keep a detailed usage history for both organizations, even if your other systems aren't connected.

A co-marketing campaign to jump-start the new year can offer major benefits to both companies involved, and by taking advantage of the benefits of a company store, you can help make this collaboration simpler and more productive.If your current inventory management system is not doing everything you’d like it to, perform an assessment of your operations to gain insight on how beneficial a company store could be for your business. Hiring an outside consultant like Proforma Durkee can increase the power of your company store even more; by setting up your company store, centralizing operations, and customizing your brand, Proforma Durkee can help you achieve an 18-to-23 percent workflow process reduction.

Find out more about how a Proforma Durkee company store can make your corporate merchandise inventory control process totally headache-free, especially in co-marketing situations.Online Company Store


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