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Brand Consistency Begins With an Online Company Store

By Proforma Durkee on May 21, 2018

Imagine your online company store as a hub at the center of your digital map. Extending outwards from this hub are the communication channels tasked with carrying your brand messaging and philosophy to the public, consistently and strongly.


No longer are print media, radio, and television the most powerful ways to reach, engage, and convert new clients. Instead, the digital age and its myriad communication mediums afford unprecedented, cost-effective ways to get your brand top-of-mind. This is why it’s so important to lay a strong branding foundation with an online company store.


It Allows You to Develop an Authentic Voice and Distinctive Look and Feel

An online company store is a hub that allows your business to develop and trial your unique brand tone and aesthetic. This is incredibly important as your messaging will be carried across all digital channels to introduce the general public to who you are and what you stand for.


When your branding is self-assured and authentic, it creates a perception that your business is an authoritative, leading voice in its niche. An online company store aids you in honing and perfecting these components of your business identity.


Easy Management of Business Assets

Brand management has never been this simple. An online company store offers a centralized location to sort and store your brand compliant products and documents. This is especially advantageous if your business has offices in different locations, as the store provides 24/7 access to members of your staff. All they need is an internet connection and a device to gain admission.

When all elements of your branding exist in one place, it becomes infinitely easier to manage them effectively, both creatively and functionally.


Reporting Simplified

An online company store should be constructed with B2B best practices in mind. What this does is enable functionality that provides invaluable information about the buyer and the purchases they’ve made. In addition, you’ll be able to track the performance of your inventory and identify which products are popular, and which are being ignored. With these insights, you can make educated decisions on the products that should remain, and the ones that need to go. This will assist you down the line when taking budgets and reorders into consideration.

When you’re armed with the knowledge of what’s moving and what’s not, it’s far easier to take decisive action with regards to business branding.


Ensure Your Online Company Store is Responsive Across all Platforms

Consistency is key, across all platforms. Traditional desktops have been overtaken by smartphones, laptops, and tablets because of their mobility and ease of use. This means it’s imperative your online company store feature responsive web design for seamless use. A user should be able to access your website easily, whether they’re at their desk, on the commute, or just enjoying a coffee at their local shopping center.

The future of shopping is digital. Proforma Durkee can harness its power for you with an online company store

By using Proforma Durkee’s specialized expertise and forward-thinking know-how, your business will be able to implement an online company store effectively. Follow the link for more information on how we can enforce your business identity through brand consistency: www.proformadurkee.com

Online Company Store


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