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Branded Apparel For Year End

By Proforma Durkee on December 15, 2017

As the end of 2017 comes to the fore, it’s important to remember to thank your clients for their business throughout the year. End of year gifts give your clients recognition and will lead to increased customer satisfaction; in turn this creates loyalty to your brand.

End of year gifts are more about showing your appreciation for your clients, rather than grand gestures and no matter how small, they make up an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Branded apparel is always a great idea, as it adds value to your clients’ lives but also does its own marketing for your company.

Have a look at these great end of year gifts that you can turn into branded apparel for your clients:


Squat Wrist Band

The festive season is usually the time of year when people take annual vacations to somewhere a bit warmer. The Squat Wrist Band is ideal for clients going away to the beach, or planning on some serious outdoor activities. This zippered pocket means that they can keep their valuables safe and at hand.


Packable Puffer Vests

Puffer jackets are all the rage right now, and your clients will love them as an end of year corporate gift.The vests have short sleeves – perfect for those who may be spending time outdoors. The high quality material is also incredibly durable and will keep your clients warm through this winter and many more.


Color Block Hoodies

Made from 100% polyester and with non-static and moisture-wicking properties, this is one of the most practical, yet trendy, end of year gifts that you could give to your clients. It’s perfect for the indoors and outdoors, and will keep your customers warm while getting your brand maximum exposure.



These trendy slouchy beanies are warm, soft, and comfortable. With 12 colors to choose from, a fashionable design, and functional warmth – these make great end of year gifts for your clients. Put your logo on the front to get your brand noticed, as we guarantee that your customers won’t want to take these warm beanies off.

These are just some of the awesome end of year gifts that you can use as branded apparel to drive the exposure of your brand and increase customer loyalty at the same time. These corporate gifts are an essential part of your marketing campaign, and should be overlooked. Check out our Marketing Horror Stories to find out what else you should avoid doing during this festive season.


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