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How an Online Company Store Works with Suppliers & Saves You Money

By Proforma Durkee on April 22, 2015
When you're a part of a large company with multiple locations, company spending can easily become an unorganized mess.
The good news? There's a simple way to prevent this from happening: an online company store.
An online company store is a central, virtual hub that everyone in the company can access 24/7. Here are some real-life applications that illustrate some of the things you (and your employees) can do:
  • Does Location 23 need new uniforms? No problem. Place your order.
  • Does Location 45 need new sales collateral? Click and order.
  • Do you want to alert the entire organization about five awesome new promotional products that are available to order? One single email through the system gets the job done.
  • Wondering how inventory is looking for the quarter? Generate a report.
In essence, an online company store centralizes all of these tasks (and many more), which helps reduce redundancies and wasteful spending.
Speaking of spending, we're here today to explain how an online company store works with suppliers and saves money. 

Online Company Stores: Keeping Vendors/Suppliers Honest

If purchasing isn't centralized, then what happens is you have different locations placing different orders with different vendors who most likely offer very different price points. Why order the SAME uniform from different suppliers if one offers better pricing (and possibly other value-added incentives)?

Having an online company store forces vendors to compete and offer the best pricing (and value-added stuff) to get your business.

Sure, vendors are always competing with one another, but a centralized online company store forces the vendors to up their game. One vendor competing with another over a local pizza shop's uniforms and promo products isn't a big deal. But when the vendors are now competing over business from the corporate office that manages 100 franchises across the country? Now, we're talking about some serious money!

The vendors/suppliers suddenly have a very real incentive to offer their best pricing and value-added offers to get corporate's business.

Then, once the negotiated contract has been approved, EVERYBODY in the company can benefit from the locked-in prices/savings.

The other big benefit? It frees up employees who'd been handling those negotiations and contracts with individual vendors in the past. Since corporate is now vetting vendors and negotiating contracts/suppliers, your managers and employees can get back to focusing on their priority tasks (rather than bargaining with the local promo company or the town print shop and so forth).

So remember: Don't waste funds from the company budget on suppliers whose pricing can be beat. Simplify. Streamline. Make it possible for all your employees from each of your locations to buy the same items, whether it's uniforms, marketing material, or leave behinds, from the same suppliers with the BEST pricing--AND with just a quick click of a mouse.

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