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Is Branded Apparel Right for Your Business?

By Proforma Durkee on November 15, 2017

Many organisations wonder why they should invest in branded apparel. Surely branded apparel is only necessary for certain organisations? It doesn't make sense for every business to have branded apparel, does it?

In reality, many companies can benefit from creating a branded apparel range for their employees. Let's explore the benefits branded apparel offers.


Unites employees behind an identifiable corporate culture

Branded apparel is vital in strengthening your corporate culture. The first way it achieves this is by creating a standardised dress code across all levels of the company. This helps remove barriers between different groups of employees in the company, increasing communication and teamwork across departments. Even if a company decides to use markers in their branded apparel designs to define the different roles employees have within an organisation, it still creates a recognisable image that employees can use to identify other employees by.

The second way branded apparel helps is by creating a physical object that embodies a company's goals, mission and values. This embodiment of company values often translates into improved service for your customers. Branded company apparel also has the added benefit of increasing employee satisfaction and boosting morale, which can result in improved customer experience.


Increases trust in your brand

Branded apparel is a cost-effective solution for creating a recognisable company image that improves how customers perceive your company. This results in an overall improvement in sales and customer loyalty, but why is this the case?

People automatically assume a certain level of authority and expertise when they see an individual in a well-designed uniform, regardless of whether than uniform belongs to a policeman, nurse or computer salesman. It can also change the way a person feels and thinks - a change that's identified as enclothed cognition. In the context of branded apparel, this change can positively affect the way your employees interact with your customers, which can also improve the way customers perceive your brand.

Many people assume that branded items are better quality, regardless of whether this is actually true or not. Branded apparel for your company taps into this perception and can improve the way customers perceive your company.

Customers also view companies with branded apparel as being well-established, which in turn affects how much the customer trusts the company.


It helps provide consistency across your brand

You don't only need to worry about the consistency of your brand when it comes to assets like billboards, packaging or your website. Your client-facing staff are also brand ambassadors for your organisation. Employees who interact with customers should be dressed in branded apparel to provide consistency with the image that's being presented across all your different media. This helps create a sense of trust between your company and your customers.


Employees Help Increase brand awareness - even if they’re off the clock

Employees are seen in your branded apparel when going about their private lives. If they’re walking home or stopping at the supermarket to buy supper, your logo is displayed for other people to see. This is a great way to cost-effectively increase the presence of your brand.


Customers Can Help Increase Brand Awareness Too

Many customers are passionate about the companies they buy from and want to support them the same way they would their favorite football team. Branded apparel that sports your company’s logo, but differs from employee clothing, is one way your customers can become brand ambassadors and share their love for your business.

These elements highlight how important it is for your organisation to invest in branded apparel.

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