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Key Steps to Ensure Your Online Company Store is Consistent on Social Media

By Proforma Durkee on May 8, 2018

The exponential growth of digital marketing has gifted brands a platform to reach and engage with more consumers than ever before. One of the simplest ways to harness the power of digital marketing is social media. And it’s here that a brand’s story and personality needs to be visualised and communicated in a distinctive, consistent way to differentiate it from the countless others.

At Proforma Durkee, we understand the need for creativity and uniformity in your social messaging, so we’ve listed some key steps to help your brand personality cut through the clutter.

Reserve a Uniform Name Across All Social Media Platforms

Before setting up your platforms, do some research to make sure that your brand name is available across the board. Ideally, the chosen name should be your exact brand name so consumers are able to find your page quickly and easily. If this is not the case, consider adding an “underscore” between words, or your country’s acronym to the end of the username. Once you’ve decided on a uniform name, reserve it across all social media platforms — even the ones you don’t intend to use from the get-go — because who knows what the future holds!


Establish a Consistent Look and Feel

Your brand aesthetic should be the same across all platforms, and easily identifiable to a casual user at a glance. Brand identity is dictated by the logo, colour palette, font, and design layout, and presents the easiest way to maintain visual cohesion on social media. A simple solution to create brand consistency is to use your logo as the profile picture on all of your chosen platforms.


Keep Tone and Language Consistent

Your online tone is determined by your customer persona. And regardless of where you’re deploying your content, the audience and the way to address them remains the same. While Facebook best practice dictates a more expository approach to copy, Instagram thrives on a less-is-more, image-focused treatment, so it’s important to use each platform’s traits to amplify your brand messaging, in keeping with your established personality and tone.


Curate and Share Unique Content

Users will quickly grow bored of accounts that only share promotional and product-driven content. Social media gives brand’s the unique opportunity to establish an authentic personality and cultivate a community of loyal followers around it, so why stick to the mundane? Get creative, have fun, and craft platform-specific, thumb-stopping content that pleases your existing fan base, while drawing the interest of new clients. Just remember to keep your content in-line with your existing messaging and aesthetic.


Get active, and stay active!

In consumers’ eyes, an active account indicates an accessible, flourishing brand, and one they’d be more amenable to supporting long-term. Post frequently, at least 2-3 times a week, and ensure your community manager is readily available throughout the day to respond to user queries, compliments, or complaints.


The future of shopping is online, and social media is driving it

Through social media, your online company store is able to reach and target a vast consumer base, quickly and decisively. Proforma Durkee is here to maximize this potential with knowledgeable, dynamic digital marketing that’s proactive, not reactive.

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