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Kickstart Your Digital Transformation With an Online Company Store

By Proforma Durkee on May 25, 2018

The world is going digital, and it’s crucial for businesses to begin the transition in order to stay competitive. While the prospect of modernizing your current framework may seem daunting, it’s never too late to get started.

Digital transformation refers to the reshaping of internal practices for a more customer focused, agile, and inventive business strategy. Necessitated by the rapid growth and increasing complexity of the IT industry, digitization presents the ideal opportunity for your company to streamline processes, automate workflows, and integrate current systems and data into one centralized network.

In short, digital transformation should be embraced as a herald of exciting change, not only for your business, but for your customers too!


The benefits of digital transformation

Whether it’s a bottleneck between departments, or the archaic process of manual data entry, you’ll find that many businesses are hampered by legacy issues. Digital transformation solves these problems by allowing you to analyze the current systems in place, and take corrective measures to simplify them for improved efficiency and flexibility.

The benefits extend to your consumer base, too. The proliferation of smartphone and tablet technology has brought the world to everyone’s fingertips, and each person justifiably expects their digital experience to be as streamlined and intuitive as possible. The customer journey is at the center of digital transformation, a fact that businesses need to take to heart in order to flourish in the modern era.

Because those leading the charge in the digital revolution will ultimately have the authoritative say when it comes to customer loyalty and trust..


The role of an online company store in digital transformation

Digital transformation sounds like the right choice for your business, doesn’t it? But where do you start? Proforma Durkee has the answers:

Much of the stress can be mitigated by implementing an online company store as the first step in your company’s journey to digitization. This centralized platform lays a robust digital foundation with the following key benefits:


Brand management from an accessible, centralized place

Managing your brand minutiae across multiple offices can, quite honestly, be a logistical nightmare. An online company store makes brand management a dream by providing a centralized platform from which to manage all brand-related products and documents. With 24/7 access from anywhere, your staff can moderate every aspect of your business to ensure consistency and quality of important assets.


Know your inventory. Know your customer

An online company store created with B2B best practices in mind will gift you invaluable insights into what products are moving, and who’s buying them. With this deep knowledge of inventory performance, fill rates, and order stats you’ll be able to make informed decisions on which branded products should stay, and which should go.


Ready, set, transform! Trust Proforma Durkee to kickstart the digitization of your business

Because every business is different, Proforma Durkee does not simply stick a logo at the corner of your store and call it a job well done. Instead, we thoroughly assess your company’s existing processes and procedures to customize an online company store that’s best suited to you.

How? We review the following:

  • Opportunities to reduce transaction costs
  • Areas that could benefit from improved production methods
  • Ideas for reducing related costs
  • Strategies for decreasing fulfillment and distribution costs

Once we’ve determined the areas of your business that need optimization, Proforma Durkee will build and implement a state-of-the-art online store that’s easy to use, simplifies processes, and upholds brand integrity. Here are just a few of the benefits our online company store offers your business:

  • Streamlined purchasing across product lines/business units
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • 24/7 access
  • Login-based permissions
  • Real-time inventory and reporting
  • Secure artwork library for guaranteed brand compliance
  • Efficient inventory and ordering process
  • Consolidated orders for bulk purchasing and managing multiple outlets
  • Self-service for end users
  • Brand consistency and quality control
  • Reporting on schedule, and on demand
  • Budget-setting and tracking
  • Free setup and fully customizable

Book a demonstration with one of our specialists and let’s get started on tailoring the perfect online company store for you. Your business’s digital transformation is just a click away!

For further information, please don’t hesitate to visit our website and have a look around: www.proformadurkee.com

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