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Manage Your Corporate Identity With An Online Company Store

By Proforma Durkee on May 10, 2018

brandcontrolMany elements go into managing a brand, and online company stores can help to reinforce this. This isn't limited to promotional products, apparel, and uniforms, either. Online company stores also tie in well with business documents and marketing pieces.

The most important thing to remember is that consistency is the key to maintaining your brand.

Collateral Management

One of the biggest problems of running a multiple-location business is the way that collateral can be purchased and kept by many different offices. Online company stores will help keep these assets organized and accessible, allowing you to get the full value of possessing them.

Elimination of Rogue Spending

Do you really want to waste time and money by having multiple departments ordering from different suppliers? An online company store offers the ability to have all items approved and negotiated by the central corporate office--no rogue spending, no redundant purchases, and no wasted time.

Group Purchasing Power

One of the greatest advantages of a corporate program operating the online company stores is the ability to join in with negotiated pricing programs. A corporation using group purchasing will typically save 10% or more on the cost of items purchased from vendors (and sometimes much more).
Online Company Store

Inventory Control

Operating a centralized warehouse and fulfillment system--along with on-demand capabilities for adjusting things as-needed--can offer a significant improvement in the company's ability to control its own inventory. In turn, this helps free up cash and eliminate long-term waste that could be more profitably invested elsewhere.

Regulation of Suppliers and Costs

The best costs are predictable ones. By that, we mean online company stores can literally predict future inventory needs and help you plan your purchases accordingly. In the long-term, this will measurably reduce the amount you spend on inventory, help you get the best deals through group purchasing (savings tend to be highest when you buy in bulk), and otherwise tightly control your costs.

Workflow Automation

The more basic a task is, the higher the chance that it can be automated somehow. Online company stores are about being as efficient as possible, and when tasks like daily purchasing are automated, your employees can spend their time on tasks that actually need a human touch.

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