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Save Your Business Time and Money With an Online Company Store

By Proforma Durkee on May 31, 2018

Let’s be honest right out of the gate: keeping business expenditure within budget while avoiding the pitfalls of rogue spending is no easy task. Some would even say it’s impossible.

Monetary management becomes more complex when you combine it with an organization that’s spread across multiple offices, in different locations. Each office has a manager tasked with ordering brand-related products from different vendors — some for promotional material, others for printing, and still more for office supplies. And if there is no single place or consolidated platform to police company spending, things can quickly become very confusing.

Factor in the unwillingness to deviate from established processes, and you begin to understand how end-of-year reports can get a little out of control. Thankfully, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. And that’s exactly what an online company store is. Read on to discover how this centralized platform for all of your brand-related assets will save you time and money:

Lower Costs Without Increasing Product Inventory

An online company store gives your business the edge by offering lower prices on brand merchandise without locking you into the commitment of a large inventory. Because all assets exist in one easily accessible place, they can be priced at well below industry standards.

Manage Employee Expenditure

With an online company store you’re able to regulate who can purchase what by cordoning off certain areas of the store, or offering pricing that’s user-dependent. Furthermore, you can implement a variety of payment methods including credit card, gift voucher, and company-approved budget purchases.

Streamline Production to Minimize Last Minute Costs

The baseline for the production of brand-affiliated products is 7-10 working days. But with an online company store, your assets can be purchased and shipped within 24 hours to meet any eleventh hour deadlines.

Say Goodbye to Rogue Spending and Hello to Brand Consistency

The disparate threads of your business procedures are effortlessly pulled together by an online company store. It’s here that office managers can place orders, check current inventory, conduct forecasts, and create reports. And all with the simple click of a button.

Since all of your offices will be using the services of the same vendor, you’re guaranteed brand consistency across all locations and assets. The transparent nature of an online company store assists in curbing unnecessary spending, so say goodbye to that particular office manager who could not be dissuaded from using a vendor with exorbitantly priced wares!

Proforma Durkee is your perfect business partner, and here’s why:

We conduct an exhaustive review process that streamlines your purchasing system. The proof is ultimately in the numbers. Proforma Durkee has helped our clients achieve 18-23% workflow process reduction by centralizing their programs, resulting in a huge decline in labor costs. Our efficiency can be attributed to the following:

  • Over $500,000,000 in purchasing power
  • Over 500 contracted partners
  • Best-in-class workflow technology platform
  • Currently managing 40,000+ online company stores

Let us help you reduce time and money with an online company store. All you have to do is book a demonstration with one of our specialists, here.

For more information on Proforma Durkee, head over to our comprehensive website: www.proformadurkee.com

Online Company Store

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Online Company Store

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