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Start Your Year With A Great Partner Like Proforma Durkee

By Proforma Durkee on January 10, 2018

Marketing consultants are no doubt looking for the right marketing agency to partner with as the new year approaches. Proforma Durkee is a pro-active digital marketing agency that aims to deliver returns on your marketing investment. Thanks to the backing of our parent company, Proforma, you get a partner with 36 years of experience and $500 million dollars of purchasing power - this experience and security helps us provide effective and cost-efficient marketing solutions to overcome your marketing challenges.


You are also partnering with an agency that provides you with creative and innovative solutions. These are the solutions we offer at Proforma Durkee:


Branded Apparel

Branded apparel is one of the services we offer and can offer you a number of benefits. The main benefit for marketing organisations is the promotion of your brand. An employee or a loyal customer wearing a piece of branded apparel immediately becomes an ambassador for your brand. It also creates a specific image that your employees present to the public, which can help strengthen your brand.

Our branded apparel service specifically offers our clients a way to achieve consistent brand identity, with fast and reliable delivery and cost-effective pricing.


Creative Campaigns

Need to make an impression with a customer? An intriguing, witty creative campaign is one way to do it. Even if a customer doesn’t need the product you are selling right now, by creating a strong enough impact, they will remember your specific product later.


Proforma Durkee understands how to leverage a unique creative angle to deliver campaigns that are effective in reaching your goals and delivering results. We specialise in questioning the status quo in order to do so.


We offer a variety of creative campaign solutions including event marketing, creative packaging, marketing plans and strategies and product launches.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tools and the internet have empowered marketers in a way no other technology has before. You can now reach a global audience at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods. Digital tools also allow you to personalise your campaigns, ensuring they are relevant to your customers, and that you can track the results of these campaigns to see exactly how effective they are.

Proforma Durkee understands that in order to be truly effective, you can’t just rely on digital marketing - you need to combine it with traditional. We offer digital marketing services that perfectly complement your traditional campaigns including:


  • Blog development and article writing
  • Lead nurturing and workflows
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • Video marketing


Online Company Store

Many larger organisations struggle with keeping branding and quality consistent, whether it’s across their branded apparel or promotional material. However, there is a solution to this: create an online company store. Does any branch of your organisation need uniforms for their staff? Do you need branded mugs or clothing as part of national marketing campaign? Place an order with the online store. Instead of each branch handling these things separately, the online store creates a central tool that simplifies the process and ensures consistency.


But how do you go about creating an online store? Proforma makes the use of PROstores technology, which makes it easy to create an online store that’s customised to your needs and review where you can improve costs and production.


Here are a few of the specific benefits our online stores offer:


  • Consistency across your brand and quality of your merchandise
  • Convenient and user-friendly ordering tools
  • Real-time inventory and reporting
  • Simplified ordering process


Promotional Products

Branded promotional products, such as mugs, notebooks, journals or branded clothing, can be a great way to help promote your brand. Promotional products help you increase brand awareness through their everyday use and are cost-effective when compared to large media campaigns. They can be used in a number of ways, such as a trade show, goodie bag, fundraisers or as client gifts.

However, not all of these promotional products will work for you and your campaign. Proforma Durkee will help you choose the promotional products that are best suited to your brand and campaign, and provide these items at great rates. We can also assist with creating a strategy that ensures your promotional products are being distributed to the right people.


Video and Photography

We have all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Nowhere is this concept being executed more clearly than Facebook, where video content is rapidly filling up people's feeds. This saying also holds true in marketing, and many marketers are embracing this idea to create images and videos that capture the attention of audiences. It's no surprise since video has been shown to increase conversion rates dramatically.


Proforma Durkee offers photography and video services to create images that are truly ‘you’, and not just pulled from a stock library. We connect these images and video to your overall marketing strategy to ensure it has the most impact.


If you are a marketing consultant, be sure to visit the Proforma Durkee website or contact one of our consultants in order to maximise the returns on your marketing investments. We can help you discover the power of Proforma Durkee services. Or contact us to avoid becoming another marketing horror story (like the companies in our infographic Horror stories no marketer ever wants to experience).

Online Company Store

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Online Company Store

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