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Trends Shaping Customer Experience in 2017

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Trends Shaping Customer Experience in 2017

By Proforma Durkee on August 2, 2017

Your customers’ perceptions of your company can’t be attributed to a single transaction—it’s built up from a combination of every touchpoint they have with your brand over time. If you’re a retail business, obviously in-store interactions are important but so are online transactions. How you manage customer service is huge, as is how you communicate with customers based on their preferences.

Essentially, every time there is an opportunity for a customer to interact with you, you need to make sure the experience is positive and consistent. This will not only help to ensure long-term customer loyalty, but will also provide invaluable customer insight for better management of your business. Trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), utilizing customer data and being mobile-savvy are taking customer engagement to another level.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts marketing

Artificial Intelligence—essentially machine learning—is integrating into many applications today and for marketing, it’s critical. Marketers are now able to combine the soul of marketing with the smarts of analytics to glean vital customer insights to drive better campaign initiatives as well as improve ROI.

Data can change the customer experience

Great customer experiences begin and end with personalization. Everyone appreciates being remembered for their preferences, browsing history and purchases. And in our digital world, when face-to-face interactions are few and far between, being able to show customers that you remember them in this way is invaluable. Utilizing captured customer information and then engaging positively with them is really what sets a brand apart in the competitive global marketplace.

Mobile’s role in the new customer experience

Today’s customers are extremely mobile and if brands want relevant relationships with them, they need to be where their customers are. Companies interact with their customers and prospects via email and social media for browsing, purchasing and customer service instead of engaging in more traditional methods of store visits and phone calls. Smartphone usage drives the customer experience now and savvy businesses take advantage of this growing trend.

As an example, the days of finding a restaurant or locating a repairman via a local directory are long gone as customers can search online to find sources as well as relevant reviews before they even engage with a company. Location-based search is the champion of today’s mobile consumers, and it’s a trend that will not die out anytime soon.

So, how do you get closer to your customers in this age of evolving customer experience? It can be challenging to stay current with all the new technology and methods emerging to enhance customer experiences. That’s why you need a marketing partner like Proforma Durkee. We provide big marketing agency expertise without the hefty fees normally associated with this work. We can manage all your digital marketing needs at affordable prices with some customer TLC added to the mix just for you.

At Proforma Durkee, we work hard on our business relationships and want to be a partner in business success, not just another solution vendor. Contact us today to talk about optimizing your online presence with a company store. Not sure if that’s what you need? Download our company store checklist to see how an online store could impact your business. 

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