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Tips for Creating Effective Click-Through Landing Pages

By Proforma Durkee on February 4, 2015

technologyIn our article "landing pages 101," we defined what we mean by landing pages. We acknowledged there are two kinds:

  1. Click-through landing pages, which encompasses the broader definition of any web page a person "lands" on, with the goal of getting them to click through deeper into the site 
  2. Lead generation landing pages, which are hyper-focused and have a form to capture people's info

We then discussed lead generation landing page best practices. Now, let's look at some tips for creating effective click-through landing pages.

Creating Effective Click-Through Landing Pages

1. Use Clear Calls to Action (CTA): Visitors should never be confused about what they're expected to do next. Don't be afraid to tell the visitor when you want them to do something, either. Text like "click here to get your free ebook" is perfectly acceptable.

2. Add Visual Cues: Calls to action are often put at the bottom of a landing page. As a result, they're the last thing most visitors will look at. The main goal of a landing page is to get people to click on your call to action, so it's important to use visual cues as a way of guiding them in that direction.

Note that shapes aren't the only option. Arrows are valuable, but you can also use colors that stand out from the rest of the page as a way of drawing the eye.

Another possibility: experiment with putting the CTA earlier in the copy or trying a pop-up or slider CTA.

3. Immediately Present the Value of Your Page: Many landing pages are built around "value propositions," and these are crucial. Tell the visitor what you're offering and immediately follow it up with how that product/service will benefit the reader. These are the statements that are most likely to convince people to stick around and help weed out the visitors who have no interest in what you're selling.

4. Focus on the Visitors: Do not build the landing page around yourself or your company. Do not list all of your great achievements or talk about your plans for the future. Instead, focus on the visitor's needs and desires. Any references to yourself should be in a roundabout way or tied in with some other kind of indicator, such as  trust signals.

A trust signal is something that tells a visitor that you're a reputable company. Think testimonials, logos of companies you do business with, etc. 

5. Pay attention to design. You could have the best words in the world, but a yucky design can make it impossible to see/read those words. Layout, colors, imagery--all of these things will affect how people respond to and engage with your click-through landing page.

6. Minimize Requests for Information: Unlike a lead generation landing page, a click-through landing page's main purpose is to get people to click through. Don't bog people down by asking for information before they can continue.

7. Use A/B Testing: You should be constantly updating landing pages. Don't be afraid to try new things, change up your pages, and generally fine-tune your work. Few pages are perfect from the start.

Ready to take your click-through landing pages and lead generation landing pages to the next level? We can help. Contact Proforma Durkee today, and let's chat

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